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The Common Problems Of User

Released time: 2019-09-05

How do I install an app uploaded by a developer?

There are two ways to install an application. You can choose one of them:

1. Download address installation: In the browser, enter or open the application's download address to enter the application's

 installation page, click the "click to install" button to automatically download. Scan QR code installation: Use the mobile phone to

scan the QR code to open the application download page, and the button will be automatically downloaded and installed to the 


2. When installing an app, do you need to go through a third-party platform such as App Store, Google Play, 360 Market?

No need. Through the application page of the Woodpecker online, users can download and install the application directly on 

the mobile phone, which can be completed in one step without any third-party platform. 

When installing an application, do I need to connect my mobile phone to my computer with a data cable, and install 

mobile assistant software such as iTunes and App?

No need. Through the application page of the Woodpecker online, users can download and install the application directly

on the mobile phone, without using a data cable to connect the mobile phone to the computer, and do not need to do Any 

operation on the computer.

Why the application prompt can't be installed?

For iOS type apps:

1. If the App download page displays the beta version, the installation package is packaged in Ad-hoc mode. The developer 

needs to add the UDID of the iOS device on which the application is installed to the mobile provision file of the application 

before it can be installed on this device.

2. If the App download page displays the Enterprise version, the application is packaged using the In-House method of the

Apple Enterprise Account. Developers are required to check if the In-House certificate used for packaging is out of date. If 

the certificate expires, it cannot be installed. 

3. If the app you want to install already exists, try deleting the old app and reinstalling the new app.

4. Please check the connected network problem of your mobile phone. Users need to confirm that the phone can access 

the Internet or try another network.

5. Please try restarting your phone and reinstalling it.

For Android type apps:

1. When installing the app, if the phone prompts "Unable to install the app from unknown source", then just go to the phone's 

settings function and open the "Unknown source" app install feature.

2. If the phone prompts that the application cannot be downloaded, or if the network error occurs, please check the connected 

network of the mobile phone. The user needs to confirm that the mobile phone can access the Internet or try another network.

Why do I get "Cannot connect to wkzx.store" when installing an iOS app?

This problem is generally caused by the user's network, or the phone cache error, you can try the following two methods to solve:

1. Restart your phone and try to reinstall

2. Change to a network environment, such as changing to a Wi-Fi hotspot, or changing from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G, etc., and then


Why doesn't the application respond when the app installed on WeChat?

According to WeChat's current strategy, WeChat can only open WeChat's own website, and other websites except WeChat's

own website cannot be opened. Therefore, if the user installs the application on WeChat, they need to click the "More" button

in the upper right corner of WeChat, and then click the "Open in Browser" button to install normally.

Why after downloading the page through entering the password Loop jump?

This may be caused by the browser cache, which requires the user to clear the cache in the browser settings. You can also try 

changing your browser. Woodpecker supports Safari, chrome and QQ browsers online.

Why did you flash back immediately after opening the app? Or unable to be installed?

If this happens, you can try the following:

1. If the application is published in Ad-Hoc mode, check the configuration file when the UDID of the installation device has

been added to the package. If it is not added, add the UDID to install it.

2. If the app is published under the developer's own Apple Enterprise signature, you need to check if your enterprise signature 

has expired.

3. If none of the above methods solve the problem, please check whether the application's CPU architecture, system version, 

and hardware model are suitable for the currently installed device. At the same time, you can try to restart the phone, change a 

network, etc.

Why during downloading the app you get into another app?

Do not select high-speed download when downloading the app first, choose normal download or local download.

If you choose to download other apps from the local download, it may be DNS hijacking, related to the network, it is recommended

to try to change the network. For example, mobile 4G is replaced by Unicom 4G/wifi.

Why when I use  3G or 4G for downloading app it display pending?

If your network is normal, but you are using 4G traffic mode, then the application cannot be downloaded and installed and displayed

as waiting because the application cannot be downloaded and installed with a size of more than 150M when using 4G traffic to 

connect to the network according to the limitations of the iOS system. , so the application status will be displayed as waiting. When 

the device is connected to the Internet, it will automatically start downloading and installing. If you still need to use the traffic to

download more than 150M applications, we provide the following ways for your reference:

1. For iOS11 and above, the application is downloaded normally. When the status of the application is displayed as waiting, 

enter the system settings - General - Time and date, it will be automatically set to close, manually set the time to one year, return

to the desktop, click to wait In the application, wait a moment to start the download automatically.

2. For iOS11 and below, the application is downloaded normally. When the status of the application is displayed as waiting, set the

phone to flight mode, restart the phone, close the flight mode, and the application will start downloading and installing. The above 

methods are for reference only.