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Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile

Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile

In the last article, you learned how to create an App ID from the Developer Member Center. Now we're going to use that App ID to create a Distribution Provisioning profile to code sign your app. To do that you're going to start by opening Xcode.


Launch Xcode 6

To start, we need to generate a Certificate and we can do that inside of Xcode. If you don't already have Xcode 6, you can download it from the Mac App Store. Open up Xcode and go to the Xcode preferences by clicking the top tool bar -> Xcode -> Preferences. Or press ⌘ and comma (,).


Add Developer Account to Xcode

Next, click Accounts and the the + button on the bottom left.


And click on "Add Apple ID..."

 Enter your Apple Developer account information and press Add.


Generate Distribution Certificate

Now click on View Details.

Underneath signing identities click the +.

Then click on iOS distribution. If you want to build on your device before deploying to the App Store, click on iOS Development as well.



Create the Distribution Provisioning Profile

Now that we have generated our Distribution Certificate, we can generate a Distribution Provisioning Profile from the Developer Member Center. Log back in to the Developer Member Center -> Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles -> Provisioning Profiles and click the + at the top right corner.



Click on App Store then continue.


Select the App ID that you created from the previous article and press continue.

Select Certificate that we created within Xcode and press continue.

Now type in a name for your provisioning profile and press Generate.


Where To Go From Here

Now that you've successfully created a Provisioning Profile, you're ready to submit your app to the App Store! But before we can do that, we need to create a new App on iTunes Connect. Click here to see the process of creating an App on iTunes Connect.