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YouYi is one of a sub brand under Power Connection Co.,Ltd,which specialized in providing solutions for mobile App testing and distribution,with diverse service profiles.

YouYi app distribution delivers highly professional platform for iOS developers to do in-house application testing,distribution and collocation services.Our aim is to solve the unstable, cumbersome, and troublesome issues that developers use to distribute applications to users.The SDK provides developers with the convenience of collecting internal feedback.

Our service ranges cover games,governance,software outsourcing,applications,entertainments,etc.,have established business relationships with thousands of companies in the fields.

We have a team with ten years of experience in App distribution with profess and experties,24 h customer service here for assisting you and minimized your time and cost in App distribution and in-house testing.

Recycle\looking for Apple enterprise Account Apple Developer Enterprise Program is an kind of developer account with high authority which is provided by Apple for those iOS Developers.And it is different from company developer account and individuals. Please kindly contact us if you have some spare accounts,we will reach out to you asap

Skype: live: fanboer


Mobile:0086 13882859652

E-mail:[email protected]

No jailbreaking

No jailbreaking,no need to provied UDID device and enterprise signature,purchase based on your demands,the lowest cost is as little as few hundred Dollars.

Simple installation

Simple and fast process,no cumbersome trust settings,high efficient.


With the same device,there is no time limit and updated times and any app is working.

Stability and high efficiency

Own core technology,sigh off probability is far lower than traditional enterprise signature system.

Recommend super vip signature system√
1.Procss and mechanism is quiet differnet from traditional enterprise signature,sign off rate is very low,and even if sign off,only few users get affected
2.There is unlimited to how many times the app can be downloaded from the same device
3.Charge by the quantity of devices,the update package is for free
IOS Enterprise Signature
1·The risk of signing off is increasing by days
2·Apple reviews get more and more strict and increase cost to get customers back again
3·Each downloads counts the number of downloads for enterprise signature.

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